Rosemary Goddess Intuitive Wellness

The Rosemary Goddess Intuitive Wellness program is a revolution in self-care as it takes a serious look our current mindset related to weight and health. This program is designed to promote positive self-images, self- compassion, self-care, and self-trust; helping you break free of the damaging diet trap!


This unique wellness program reconnects you to your body and intuitive abilities. learn to recognize what your body truly wants needs leading you to better overall wellness.

Led by Leandra Witchwood,

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I believe you can be healthy and filled full of vitally no matter your size.

I believe you are a beautiful woman deserving of respect. I believe you are a Goddess deserving exquisite self-care!

You don’t need to be a size 2 to be and feel healthy. In fact, studies show that those of average to below average weights are in more than those who fall in the heavier categories. This is mind blowing, I KNOW!

Let’s get real, we all come in different shapes and sizes which adds value to our cultural diversity just like race, skin color, and religion adds value to our culture.

Your inner Goddess is ready to emerge. Remove the barriers that hold her back!


Together we will reclaim your body and your intuitive abilities! You will get to know exactly what your body needs each, and everyday leading you to overall wellness.

HAAS incorporates cutting edge health and nutrition science, NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) techniques, and mindfulness into a whole wellness package designed to help you break free from the damaging effects of dieting, and the stigma of living up to the expectations put on us by others.

While HAAS focuses on diet, nutrition, and the technical stuff, the Rosemary Goddess portion of this program reminds you that you are a Goddess. You are Divine and you are deserving of exquisite self-care, respect, and adoration.

This program will lead you through the process of becoming an intuitive eater as you learn to better regulate and manage your weight and health. Most of all this program will put your health back into your hands by reconnecting you with your body’s natural intuitive signals.

This entire program is designed to help you make small daily adjustments that lead to HUGE transformations. These small adjustments will help you heal yourself (mind and body), as you move away from guilt and regret mandated by our diet-obsessed culture.

The information we teach in this program and in each of our classes does not come from examining the physical body alone. This program focuses on the whole person, you as an individual, with unique needs and unwavering rights as a welcomed addition to our diverse culture.

6 Weeks that undo YEARS of struggle

The Rosemary Goddess Intuitive Wellness program is a 6-week program that takes you through the process of understanding your appetite, the influences our culture has over the way you eat, and the actual needs of your body.

In our 6-weeks together you will learn the eating guidelines that will help you establish total food freedom. You will learn ways to care for yourself without guilt or compromise.

What you will learn and gain from this program:

  • A new perspective on your health, your size, and eating.
  • A better understanding of the science behind health and wellness.
  • A solid foundation for balancing your needs, responsibilities, and desires with your health.
  • How to forever remove the diet mentality from your life.
  • How to find satisfaction in everything you eat!
  • You will learn to gain true FOOD FREEDOM!
  • Remove emotional eating from your life!
  • How to more accurately gauge for hunger and satiety levels.
  • How to honor your inner Goddess.

Who is this program for?

  • The Rosemary Goddess program is for you.
  • You, who is finally fed up with the Yo-Yo diet cycles we are forced to believe are safe and sane!
  • You who LOVE the idea of smashing stereotypes related to health and body size.
  • You, who want to truly enjoy food and the experience of eating, without guilt, remorse, and regret!
  • You, who want to live a full, happy & healthy life.

How this program got started…

I have spent YEARS on the diet and body shame roller coaster! As a young girl leading into my teen years, I was imminently aware of my body and how it supposedly did not measure up to the bodies of other girls around me.


I was not a fat or overweight child but I always felt inadequate. When I was in high school I joined the swim team and enjoyed swimming, until someone made a comment on my hips. To them my body was too curvy, my hips were too wide for their liking. This comment and their opinion of my body damaged me. I faked an injury so I would not have to swim and I would not have to wear that suit in public again.

Was I fat or overweight? NO!

I was just a little curvier than most 14 &15-year-old girls. Instead of being taught to feel comfortable in my body I was taught to be ashamed of my diversity. This began decades of self-hate and self-shaming. Every day I would regulate what I ate. I would judge myself against other girls and women. I felt like an outsider in my own skin.

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago, I realized that there was something wrong here and it had nothing to do with me. I am a healthy over-weight woman. My blood work is great and I exercise daily. I eat plenty of fresh whole foods, probably far above the average American. In fact, prefer whole fresh foods over processed and fast foods. In my 40’s I am able to out-perform many of the “skinny” girls in my weekly Zumba and Body Bootcamp classes. So, how could I be the issue here?

I decided NO! Enough is enough. I will love myself, and my body no matters my size. I will love myself no matter what the media and other envious people must say. It was with this realization that I began doing my own detective work into the diet culture. I began reading everything I could about how our bodies really work in relation to food, exercise, and size. I began earning certifications in Neural Linguistic Programming (NPL), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Integrated Wellness (IW), and a Diploma as a Master Herbalist.

I feel compelled to share what I know. Which is why I have launched this program: HAAS which is geared toward helping you reclaim your life and health. Together we will break the shackles of our damaged diet obsessed culture.

Join me now and flip that diet and self-shaming cycle on its head.

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