Meet Leandra

“Freedom of religion means ANY religion; this is the foundation of my work.”

Author, Interfaith Minister, Master Herbalist, Usui Reiki Master and Community Advocate

Leandra serves the earth-based spiritual and religious community as co-founder and Senior Elder of F.I.R.E. as an Interfaith Minister and as a Senior Elder.

Leandra is also the founder of the food and lifestyle blog The Magick Kitchen, which focuses on Kitchen Witchcraft and many interests and issues of the Pagan community. She is the Author of many books like Magick in the Kitchen, A real-world spiritual guide for manifesting the Kitchen Witch within.

Leandra holds Certifications and Diplomas in the following areas:
– Master Herbalist
– Munay Ki
– Usui Reiki III & Master
– NLP Master Practitioner
– Spiritual, Life & Wellness Coaching

Leandra helps support her local and semi-local Pagan and Witchcraft communities through various political and social initiatives. She serves as a member of the clergy for her area as an Elder in her coven as well as other public outlets. She spends time leading lectures and workshops on various topics related to Witchcraft, magick, mindset, herbalism, and more.

Leandra believes in religious equality for all. Her work and dedication to the community demonstrate her vision of equality and the value she places on the Earth-Centered religious community. She believes in fighting for our civil rights and our freedom to worship as we are called, in safety and with independence.


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